Ben got his start as a musician playing trumpet in 4th grade in his home state of New Jersey, which he continued to do in school concert and jazz bands until graduating. Meanwhile, at 15 years old, somebody put a bass guitar in his hands and there was an immediate connection between Ben and the bass. Within a few months of self-teaching, he was playing bass in a punk band. This would draw the interest of a ska punk band the following year to enlist him on trumpet. Fast forward a few years, a friend gives him an old guitar, prompting him to immediately start learning the instrument. At 21, Ben moved to Florida, bringing the guitar with him. It was his affinity for rhythm, however, that landed him his next gig: drummer for a rock band. He had tried out his friends’ drum sets enough to know his way around a kit. The next year, he was then recruited for another band playing bass again, his instrument of choice. Many other bands and duos would follow in his career, landing him in various roles including guitarist, bassist, and lead singer, while occasionally still jumping on drums for a song. Ben eventually found his niche, splitting his musical efforts between being a session bassist and a singing guitarist solo performer. After all of his unique musical experiences, he has taken to teaching music lessons in recent years, passing his lessons learned on to the next generation.