Private Lessons

Take a second to explore the myriad of instruments that we teach at Key to Music. Whether you are experienced or just beginning- we have the perfect class for you.

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Guitar Lessons

Our professional instructors will teach you how to play Acoustic, Electric, Classical or Bass guitar. We teach all ages from beginners to advance students.

Our private lessons with professional instructors provide the learning experience for any student by providing basic fundamentals and guidance on proper posture, positioning, and finger, hand & arm positions. We teach with the fundamentals, including scales, chords and tablature. We work with the student teaching them how to read music ,write music and play music.

We also let the student choose what they would like to play and the genre of the students choice.

Photo by  Siniz Kim  on  Unsplash

Photo by Siniz Kim on Unsplash

Piano Lessons

Our teachers will give you the opportunity to strengthen your playing skills from beginning student to advanced. We will help you work on specific areas such as articulation, intonation, rhythm and phrasing. Students will be trained to sight read music and articulate musical phrases. They will learn music theory, counting rhythms, scale formulas and reading lines and spaces in the treble and bass clefs. We will teach you how to read, write, and play musical pieces.

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Vocal Lessons

We teach , Children , Adults and Seniors….

Our talented vocal coaches instruct singers on how to improve their singing technique, take care of and develop their voice, and prepare for the performance of a song. Vocal coaches are used in both classical and popular music styles. Our vocal coaches provide a range of instruction on singing techniques in areas such as breathing techniques diction and pronunciation.

We also let the student choose what they would like to sing and the genre of the students choice.

Photo by  musikschule  on  Pixabay

Photo by musikschule on Pixabay

Drum Lessons

Our percussion  teachers will instruct  you on drum set performance and musicianship  We teach hand-to-hand technique, snare drum reading, drum set coordination, and repertoire development, with each week becoming increasingly more challenging.

The lessons starts with teaching the basics, such as the concept of time, how to develop proper grip, playing area, and sound, and how to achieve balance and evenness between your hands. You will perform helpful strengthening and dexterity exercises and explore drum rudiments, including the double stroke roll, single stroke roll, paradiddle, double paradiddle, and  triple paradiddle. We teach you all this playing to your favorite music.

Photo by  pixel2013  on  Pixabay

Photo by pixel2013 on Pixabay

Violin Lessons

Students will learn the different parts of a violin, bowing techniques, and proper finger placement. They will acquire the skills and knowledge of reading music and tuning the strings resulting in the ability to confidently play these beautiful instruments. Training is presented by patient teachers who make learning exciting and fulfilling.


Band and Orchestra

Students will learn the proper way to hold, assemble, clean, and care for woodwind and brass instruments such as Saxophone, Trumpet, Flute, and Clarinet. Students will be taught to read music and utilize that skill to articulate stunning music. They will learn breathing techniques, music theory, scale formulas, embouchure, and counting rhythms. We also offer a variety of different performance opportunities to highlight knowledge and skills.

Photo by  miketribulas  on  Pixabay

Photo by miketribulas on Pixabay


Students will be taught how to keep the ukulele in tune, proper handling, and the numbering techniques utilized by players of this unique alternative to a guitar. Students learn basic strums and techniques that will have them unable to put the ukulele down after the very first lesson. The techniques and songs learned will inspire students and bring joy to people of all ages.



This unique and beautiful instrument has recently seen an enormous surge in popularity. Students will learn how to set up, tune, hold, and play this amazing string instrument with confidence. They will acquire skills and techniques to play and read a variety of music styles from bluegrass to classical. Instructors ensure that you feel comfortable while learning to play your favorite chords.



Impress your friends by learning how to play this stand out instrument. Key to Music will teach you how to read music, tune and position right and left hands. Students will learn a range of songs and exercises to strengthen fingers. Skills such as finger picking and thumb rolling will be valuable confidence boosting techniques. Our learn-at-your-own-pace lessons are perfect for any age or skill level.