Senior Lessons

Why Seniors Should Take Music Lessons

Music has the unique power to help with a variety of medical issues because the brain is naturally stimulated by music. This is a treatment that is easily accessible and inexpensive, making it a viable option for any individual. People suffering from a stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, chronic pain, and insomnia may all witness improvement through music therapy. It has been proven that seniors who take piano lessons each week exhibit improved memory and processing abilities compared to people with no music training, even those with no prior musical experience.

A very important finding in the field of music research has been the aid of music in Alzheimer’s disease patients. Music has made it possible for adults suffering from this ailment to regain the ability to do things that were once difficult to accomplish. Memory and attention span benefit from listening to and playing music on a regular basis. Music naturally brings with it emotions in the listener. Emotions in turn bring with them memories of events or interactions from the past. Music is a wonderful tool that has helped patients live a more comfortable and fulfilling life with this disease.

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Reasons to try music lessons:

·Improve memory and attention span

·Decreased stress

·Lower blood pressure and calm heart rate

·Boost immunity- leads to reduction in illnesses

·Pain relief

·Induce restful sleep

·Anger management

·Alleviate depression

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