How To Choose Your Ukulele


We offer many different styles of ukuleles to make your choice of instrument very personal. Kala is known for quality and value. We have a wide range of ukuleles, from our inexpensive and durable Waterman® to our heirloom-style, California-made Solid Hawaiian Koa Elite USA models and everything in-between.

How to Choose a Ukulele

When Choosing a Ukulele, there are many questions that come to mind. What Style should i choose? How are they made?  Where will I being playing this ukulele? Do I want it for novelty or for performance? We will clarify all these questions for you.

There are 4 types of ukuleles to choose from and each one has its own unique style and sound. Soprano Ukulele, Concert Ukulele Tenor Ukulele and Baritone Ukulele

Soprano  Concert           Tenor  Baritone

Soprano Ukulele

The soprano ukulele is the smallest and the most popular ukulele. The lightweight size make them ideal for young students and the beginner student.

Soprano ukuleles are generally less expensive . The Soprano , however is the most traditional size at 21 inches ( 51 CM).

Concert Ukulele

The Concert Ukulele is the slightly bigger and a size up to soprano ukuleles.The concert uke has a larger neck which allows for more room between the frets and produces a fuller sound. The concert size is 23 inches (58 cm).

Tenor Ukulele

Tenor Ukulele are a little larger and heavier but project a warm richer tone. The tenor has a wider neck and wider frets to make it  easier for fingerpicking.

The tenor is 26 inches (66 cm)

Baritone Ukulele

The Baritone Ukulele is the largest in the ukulele family and is tuned lower to produce a dark, deep sound. The baritone ukulele strings are tuned D, G, B, and E  which are different than any other ukulele. The typical length of a baritone is 29 inches (74 cm)